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( About ) is a context-sensitive, itinerant curatorial research program exploring the notion of permanent liminality within Mediterranean [fluid+solid] territories. Anchored between Morocco, France, and the Netherlands, the program operates a collective and critical rethinking of governance systems shaping the Mediterranean [fluid+solid] borderscapes. From 2019 to 2020, this collaborative effort brings together Moroccan and Dutch artists, researchers, designers, architects and activists whose works contest, question or summon Mediterranean [fluid+solid] geographies. The program is structured around a series of stopovers in Morocco, France and in the Netherlands, during which a cycle of exhibitions and workshops will be organised, from March to December 2020.
Resulting from a 2-years research, a lexicon will be developed, edited, and exhibited throughout the program. Co-produced with designers, artists, journalists and activists, it is an evolving, hybrid editorial object composed of fragments from juridical literature and reports, activists testimonies, artists, media and political discourses, informal narratives and imaginaries as well as visual elements. The lexicon constitutes in itself an alternative map to Mediterranean [fluid+solid] liminal spaces. It will grow at every step of the program, and will be exhibited throughout the year. Fundamentally, constitutes an attempt to compose alternative narratives and maps, going beyond inherited narratives and colonial fictions ; to experiment new ways for borders to be sensed, and made sense of. looks at maps as tools to produce alternative knowledge, to explore the multiple meanings of the line, of the very politicized and militarized borderscapes, that of the limbus, the threshold, as a constantly negotiated space, a territory from which we are dispossessed.
The program is aimed at inhabitants of Moroccan and European Mediterranean [border] territories, and more broadly, at the younger moving generations, to collectively compose an imaginary linked to the common Mediterranean heritage.
. PROGRAM . * Lexicon * 'On drifting' *
Calypso36*21 is launching a call for contributions for ‘On drifting’, a participatory editorial project developed as part of From one shore to the other, the lexicon brings together visual and textual fragments and composes a multi-vocal narrative, crossing the contributions of artists, activists, researchers, architects, sailors, exiles, and excerpts from maritime and terrestrial jurisdictions.
Side by side, the fragments conjure up a multitude of echoes, and make it possible to explore the margins, thresholds, and liminal dimension of Mediterranean borderscapes. By bringing together informal words, invisible to the fictions inherited from [post-]colonial narratives, the lexicon seeks to deconstruct the dominant and Euro-centred representations that have been the major sources of knowledge about these spaces until now.
The lexicon explores the state of suspension, the in-betweeness, navigating at the crossroads of ruptures from one shore to the other. It allows to cross, to go around, to return to the fragments that are gathered there, and thus allows different readings of the territory. In the end, it constitutes an alternative map to the fluid and solid liminal spaces from one coast to the other.
Three versions will be produced during the year, all translated into Arabic, French and English. The new versions will be presented in Marseille [Les Parallèles du Sud, @Manifesta 13, 8-31 October], at @Mahal Art Space [Tangiers, 12 November-12 December], and in Maastricht [@Jan Van Eyck Academie, dates to come].
Each version of the lexicon is the subject of a call for contributions open to all.
Participate to version 1 : (closed)
Participate to version 2 : until December 1st (open)
( Research )
The term liminality is important in the overall of the research, as it defines the in-between state of standing at the threshold; a dissolution of order enabling a fluid, malleable situation where new structures and customs are to be established. The project composes alternative borderscapes looking beyond geo-epistemic hierarchies, inherited narratives or colonial fictions, to experiment new ways for borders to be sensed, and made sense of.
For one year, from January to December 2020, this collaborative effort brings together Moroccan, French and Dutch artists, researchers, designers, architects and activists whose works contest, question or summon the Mediterranean liminal geographies.
( Calypso36*21 )
The collective is composed of
Zoé Le Voyer (FR)
Justine Daquin (FR)
Sanaa Zaghoud (MA)
Manon Bachelier (NL)
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