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Zoé Le Voyer is an independent curator and artistic coordinator based in Marseille. She has worked in Europe [Le Salon Atelier Galerie:Paris, Shuffle Festival:London] and in Morocco [Art residencies coordinator:French Institute Morocco]. She graduated from Rotterdam Erasmus University, where she worked alongside researchers specialised in art economics. Her research explores environmental psychology and behavioral variables to contest rational economic principles modelling valuation processes for arts. She engages in projects exploring the notion of border, and the relationships between places and the affect. She is an artistic and research director for Calypso36*21.

Justine Daquin is a french architect. After her graduation from ENSA Paris Malaquais, and several international experiences [TNA Architects + Hiroshi Sugimoto in Tokyo; Kuehn Malvezzi Architects in Berlin], she joined in 2019 the team of architecture agency l’AUC in Paris. This has led her to join the curatorial team organizing Augures, the first biennale of architecture and landscape in Ile-de-France. She sees projects as means to research and question the city as well as developing fine strategic answers to site-related issues. She is an artistic and research director for Calypso36*21.

Sanaa Zaghoud is a young cultural project manager. In 2017, she joined the Kulte Gallery & Edition in Rabat, an art center and publishing house dedicated to contemporary arab and african artistic creation. She works there as a gallery manager. She participates in the development of project and cultural programmation at Kulte. She is the coordinator of the artistic programming in Morocco for Calypso36*21.

Manon Bachelier based herself in Amsterdam after graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. She currently attends temporary programme 'Approaching Language' at the Sandberg Instituut. She is the graphic designer and website developer for Calypso36*21.