Blue-feet hybridity
— published in: On drifting (2020)
— author: Reuben Yemoh Odoi, musician, artist and activist, Morocco

Reuben Yemoh Odoi

deep blue waters
eaux bleues profondes
river rocks

Without mobility there’s no life. Move because it’s a sign for the living, the heartbeat up and down in slow
and swift to create life of aliveness. Either in an emotional prison or in a bank of emotional intelligence the blues is sung in slow and swift movement and sometimes in a rhythm and blues or rhythm and poetry. In search of the movement of the heart, mind and soul to create, migrants travelled and get lost to the unknown. Mysteriously
is the experience of this life journey.

Singing a song of a mad man on a strange road, in a mad mood, singing a song of a capturer, with his blue feet walking the desert.

At the mind-night riches hour struggle, I saw a con-plan adventure in a heavy storm. Climbing up to the mountains of paradise I can’t tell how he got to trace me. I am in a raincoat on the scorching sun running up the ocean. In the oriental from the West Coast I can’t swim to the sin city, even if there are no coast guards, I won’t swim to the sin city. Come to my crying, listen to my voice and bless my soul. Save my destiny, listen to my voice and bless my soul. When you are walking this path, spell your name on the rock, and let them see you rumble on this road.

Bare-foot souls walking these street desert road over river rocks, Alkebulan Renaissance man, sought to accomplish intellectual, art- istic, social, physical, and spiritual polymaths hybridity, with his blue feet at the borders.

In the very early periods humans reacted the way they did to escape from dangerous animals. When politic uses their knowledge of power to create a system of social control in the societal institutions, they extract the last bit of resistance out of the people who then move through boundaries and borders to be labeled immigrant in the eagle’s eye, something to feed, a hungry ego and greed.

Hybrids nature of some plants and animals are as old as the science of human and migration. Its scientifically organic hybridity is not a brand new fusion or cultural phenomenon, immemorial civilization from Sumerians, through Egyptians, Greeks

and Romans to the present day. Through trade and conquests, modern and ancient civilization have borrowed foreign ideas, philosophies, and sciences to produce hybrid arts, cultures and societies.

Nomadic Mystic, science of species, exodus in real time cross-border, don’t cross a culture, calculate and climb, my shadow did not create a cause of migratory movements population delocalization, militarized borders of radars installations, satellites checking points on isolated territories. Walls of restricting economic freedom, No man’s land is a political border with close surveillances of geographic imaginary space rooted in sky and earth. The breaking process of the organic, to bread a desire of o spring to change the thinking process of a whole generation to the advantage, run a series of test, to see if it submit to your desire, test it in every way because it’s the most important factor for good economics, if it knows any sign of resistance in submitting completely to your will do not hesitate to use to boo wipe on it to extract the last bit of resistance out of it, take care not to kill it for doing so you spoil good economics.

Protest, austerity, mass migration caused by materialism. To live like kings and merchants of ancient time, plenty luxury is the ultimate goal of society. Fabricating fictional characters, incidents closely based on real anecdotes and contemporary observations. Obsessed with generating economic growth, astonishing levels of harm is inflicted, in pursuit of it and other ends. Creating wealth is grabbing and seizing natural resources, with the future out of the picture, economical power becomes a political power. Scrambling for exclusive control of indigenous land and labor, based on looting across space and time. Sub-Saharans individually are entitled to a great share of the natural wealth, but most of the children there don’t know what real chocolate tastes like.

The resources are seized to fuel growth elsewhere, where they are not even allowed to go and access a decent life. Raw materials and good can freely travel to where humans from third world countries cannot travel. It keeps improving the luxury life of others, while simultaneously destroying the prosperity of vast number of others who are not allowed to reach the shores of the Mediterranean sea, to witness the great architectural building and infrastructures. The west is a shark in space that continues to reap benefits through the big blue skies
or deep blues waters. The big blue sky is oxygen; the deep blue Ocean is oxygen.

What went wrong in the inky waters that night? King Jacob, the Portuguese crew was attempting a recue, but the blues shifted to one side of the overloaded fishing boat, aid agencies feared the numbers would yet rise. Women and children are aboard; the trans Atlantic trade blues was legal for Jesus, while this is illegal immigration for the capitalist banking system. Keep up to 30 days in a farm yard near the deep blue port, before they embarked each of the bleu had to pay 500 to 1,000 Libyan dinars for the voluntary slavery trip.

The economical system in place is incompatible with the survival of life on earth; it is time we all realized that heavens are falling. The earth needs sustainable approach that can go for a much longer period without exploiting the environment harmony, peace and power.

Crossing the rubicon to Jamestown, Virginia, 400 years is enough to make your birth-right journey back to where they say you belong. It is your spiritual right too, to come and celebrate the resilience of the ancestors who were scattered and displaces through the world in North America, South America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia, by the deep great blue waters.