A quest for 10 manifest images of the act of hospitality for UNESCO
— October 13-17 2020, Coco Velten (Marseille)
— Coordination and organisation : Calypso36°21 with PEROU and Yes We Camp
— Sound restitution: Calypso36°21 (coordination), Ayoub Ait Taadouit (montage & mixage)

Participants: Justine Daquin (Calypso36°21), Sébastien Thiéry (PEROU), Raphaël Haziot (Yes We Camp), Stalker, Spin Time, Samia Chabani & Margaux Mazellier (Ancrages), Alexandre Field & Geoffroy Mathieu (Le Bureau des Guides), Maya Nemeta (New South), Margot Mourrier

Guests photographers: Margot Mourrier, Mickaël Phelippeau, Lotfi Benyelles, Margaux Chalencon, Linda Mestaoui, Marion Colard & Ninon Mazeaud, Jean Larive

La photographe Margot Mourrier présentant son travail.

During the exhibition in Marseille, the collective Calypso36°21 organized a workshop together with Sébastien Thiéry from PEROU; New South, Spin Time, Stalker, the Bureau des Guides and the local association Ancrages. This event followed a workshop organized in Rome at the Villa Medici by Sébastien Thiéry, and aimed at gathering photographers from the Mediterranean region who are documenting acts of hospitality through their practice. The images selected by the participants will appear in PEROU’s official request for integrating the act of hospitality into UNESCO’s intangible heritage section. This workshop provided an opportunity to engage in an essential discussion around the notion of hospitality in a Mediterranean city like Marseille, the collective walk in the public space as a political intention and to the interest of producing an archive from the views and exchanges initiated by such actions. The discussions between the different speakers, notably on questions related to the format (what is an archive? Why a collection? How to name the works?), allowed Calypso36°21 and Sébastien Thiéry to question their practices.

De gauche à droite : Justine Daquin (Calypso36°21), Maya Nemeta (New South), Raphaël Haziot (Yes We Camp), Geoffroy Mathieu (Bureau des Guides), Alexandre Field (Bureau des Guides) et Sébastien Thiéry (PEROU)

Listen to a sound restitution of the workshop here, with the discussions between Sébastien Thiéry, Samia Chabani, Alexandre Field and Geoffroy Mathieu, addressing patrimonial, archival and collection making issues.