Collecting Voices
— November 17-21 2020, Tangier
— Participants : Reuben Yemoh Odoi, Ayoub Ait Taadouit, Jennifer Alexander, Engoung Belinga Mariane Santana, Calypso36°21

Collecting Voices is a sound mapping workshop that was held in Tangier in November 2020. This project was realized in collaboration with Reuben Yemoh Odoi, director of the association The Minority Globe, and Ayoub Ait Taadouit, who supervised the workshop as a technician.

For this workshop, we invited Jennifer Alexander and Belinga Engoung Mariane Santana to join us. Jennifer and Santana are originally from Nigeria (Edo State) and Cameroon (Yaoundé), they are currently living in Tangier and sharing the project of going to Europe. For three days, the participants recorded their own words, sounds of the city, of the winds and of the sea, to tell the stories of the lives that they were living back then, in Tangier. It seemed particularly relevant, in view of the programme developed by the collective, to carry out this workshop, in order to elaborate sound maps of border territories with those who actually cross them, and are moreover dispossessed of their freedom of movement in these places.

Jennifer & Santana enregistrant le bruit des vagues. Plage de la Corniche, Tanger. 2020.
Santana enregistrant le bruit des oiseaux. Medina de Tanger. 2020.
Santana sur la plage de Tanger. 2020.