Soundscapes of the lagoon city

A one-week workshop with 18 students from the schools of architecture HES-SO (Geneva) and HEIA-FR (Freiburg) in Venice from Sunday 17 to Friday 22 October 2021.

Walking through Venice, blindfolded, the participating students were invited to explore, through non visual senses and especially through sound, the borders and passage spaces between sea and land. The workshop aimed to experiment collectively with the production of sonic archives. It was an exercise in approaching Venice and its surroundings through senses that don’t relate to sight, but rather to hearing, touching, smelling. The aim of this workshop was to disturb our ways of engaging and apprehending a city like Venice and its natural

The workshop was carried out in the framework of the Ocean Fellowship, a residency programme founded by TBA21-Academy, in which Justine Daquin and Zoé Le Voyer participated, from June to October 2021 in Venice. It was organised with the support of HES-SO (Geneva) and HEIA-FR (Freiburg), the Ocean Space and Cécile Hummel, tutor of the residents.