Collecting Voices
— November 2020n Tangier
— Duration : 8 minutes 30 secondes
— Production/coordination : Calypso36°21
— Direction/coordination : Ayoub Ait Taadouit, Reuben Yemoh Odoi
— Authors : Engoung Belinga Mariane Santana , Jennifer Alexander, Ayoub Ait Taadouit

Result of a four-days sound mapping workshop held in Tangier in November 2020, Collecting Voices is a 8 minutes long sound piece realized by Jennifer Alexander and Santana Mariane Belinga Engoung, two inhabitants of the city, and Reuben Yemoh Odoi, and Ayoub Ait Taadouit, who coordinated the workshop.

Conceived as a soundscape of Tangier, Collecting Voices gathers the experiences of Jennifer and Santana as inhabitants of Tangiers, and translates through sound their relationship to the city. The sound piece is the result of a participative sonic experimentation, that traveled throughout the city during four days.


Reuben Yemoh Odoi is an artist, musician and activist from Ghana, living and working in Morocco. He is the director of The Minority Globe, an association based in Rabat, created in 2009, working with art, pedagogical tools adapted to the needs of local communities and supporting emerging artists in Morocco. 

Ayoub Ait Taadouit is a Moroccan sound engineer and designer. He works at La Cassette, a Paris-based venue dedicated to radio and sonic creations. He is also member of Transmission, a collective working to develop the cultures and know-how around sound storytelling.

Santana Mariane Belinga Engoung is a singer and an artist from Yaoundé, who lives and works in Tangier. She is also founder and director of a hair salon in Tangier. 

Jennifer Alexander is a singer from Edo State, who lives and work in Tangier. 

Collecting Voices. 2020.