Collecting Voices
— November 2020n Tangier
— Duration : 8 minutes 30 secondes
— Production/coordination : Calypso36°21
— Direction/coordination : Ayoub Ait Taadouit, Reuben Yemoh Odoi
— Authors : Engoung Belinga Mariane Santana , Jennifer Alexander, Ayoub Ait Taadouit
Collecting Voices. 2020.

Resulting from the sound mapping workshop organized in Tangier in November 2020, the podcast Collecting Voices echoes the discussions and activities realized during the workshop.

Collecting Voices is a soundscape of the city of Tangier, shaped by the experiences and perceptions of Jennifer Alexander and Belinga Engoung Mariane Santana, authors of the podcast. Their work was completed by Ayoub Ait Taadouit, who co-wrote, edited and mixed the podcast from Casablanca, his hometown, which he left a year earlier to live in Marseille, France. This podcast could not have been produced without the precious help and guidance of Reuben Yemoh Odoi, director of The Minority Globe, artist and activist living in Rabat.