Out.of.the.blue.map: catalogue

Editorial direction: Calypso36°21

Graphic design: Nassim Azarzar

Printed by Litograph (Tangier) in 2021

Translations in Arabic (Zakaria Aliliech, Sanaa Zaghoud), and in English (Kalliopé, Zoé Le Voyer)

Features interviews with Béatrice Simonet (Les Parallèles Sud, Manifesta13 Marseille), Hicham Khalidi (Director of the Jan van Eyck Academie), Samia Chabani (Director of Ancrages), Elsa Buet (Yes We Camp, Coco Velten), Sébastien Thiéry (PEROU), Charlotte Deweerdt (AFLAM), Nouha Ben Yebdri (Mahal Art Space), Belinga Mariane Santana (Collecting Voices) and Manon Bachelier (Calypso36°21) ; realised by Zoé Le Voyer and Justine Daquin

This cataloguereports on the activities and research that have been carried out by the collective Calypso36°21 and its collaborators, through Out.of.the.blue.map, an itinerant curatorial program launched in 2019.

Looking back at the past year and the circumstances in which we had to present the program, it seemed particularly important to reflect upon the work we have been developing as a curatorial collective but also with our Dutch, Moroccan and French partners under the challenging conditions of the Covid-19 sanitary crisis.

This catalogue constitutes the archive of this project. It reports on the different aspects of the program, explores the relationships they forged and the issues they raised.